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and about a tans. the united states military says some relief drops have been orderly with thousands of people waiting patiently. military leader tell me tell us they expect 11,000 troops by the end of today, 4,000 on the ground, 7,000 on shore. former president clinton arrived in port-au-prince a few hours ago with his daughter, chelsea. he's the united nations envoy to haiti. maybe no population is more vulnerable that are the orphans. jonathan hunt found and orphanage where dozens of children are just trying to hang on. >> there are 26 babies here. many of them, in fact most, were due to be adopted by american families. it's an open question whether they will survive at all. there's no formula for the babies in the orphanage. they're being given regular milk that's not good for them and gives them diarrhea, adding to the danger of dehydration. the situation is desperate. they need aid, they need it quickly. they need food, water, formula, and medical supplies and are getting none of t they have not seep a single aid agency or u.n. personnel. they have not seen military or police h
-by-case basis. we spoke to one couple who adopted children and today dozens more arrived in the united states. the latest from jonathan hunt and the assistant secretary of state joins us live in 2 1/2 minutes. Ășn >> shepard: more from haiti and a update on a story we've been following, a orphanage with over 100 children, some waiting for adopt active parents in the united states are hungry and dehydrated. jonathan hunt has been reporting from the orphanage in port-au-prince and is live with the latest. hi, jonathan. >> reporter: shep, we got word about two hours ago there may be looters targeting this orphanage, the house of the children of god we reported from extensively over the last couple days. we rushed down to see if that was true. i'm happy to report it's not. the 135 babies and children here are all safe. for now. they still have know protection. there are still no haitian cops stationed outside this orphanage. in fact there are very few cops on the streets of port-au-prince at all, another sign of the almost total collapse of the haitian government. all three branches of the govern
a series of recalls and stopped the united states sales and production of eight popular models after reports of instances in which the gas pedal became stuck and caused the car to race out of control. >> in developing news, another recall from a japan automaker, honda. laura ingle is live with that. which model are effected? >> we're talking about 646,000 models of the compact car fit. we have a picture to show you. what we're talking about here is the 2007-2008 model. if you have a 2009 or 2010 you're reportedly okay. it's a massive recall that will send a lot of honda owners double checking their make and model. the honored recall involves overheating issues. driver's side master power window switch. it reportedly can overheat causing a fire when it comes into content with excessive liquid. honda says an example would be heavy rain. there have been seven reported incidents. >> shepard: what should owners do if they have a fit? >> keep a close eye on the driver's side door switch. recall is voluntary, we're hearing from honda that drives are not being advised to bring cars to dealer
of haiti. our coverage continues from the united states, from haiti and beyond on this special edition of "studio b." i'm shepard smith, i'm glad you're with us. president obama pledging support of the united states government in the wake of the earthquake in haiti. relief flights from the u.s. government and self states from the nation. air force special operations wing due there this afternoon as well as coast guard and naval ships. chinese officials and rescue workers are there. the uss karl vincent is due there tomorrow. the u.s. state department set up a toll free hot line. 888-407-4747. if you can't get through try again later. mike with air travel severely limited ships are expected to play a vital role? assistance. >> no question. you have an airport with one runway to limited airport facilities to get people into and out of haiti. so ships will be vital. here's the commander of south com. >> we have various ships in the region, coast guard ships and department of defense. they have limited supplies on them but they have some vertical lift capability. some helicopters. >> so th
for all international relief efforts headed to the earthquake zone. today the united states air force landed with pallets of supplies but help cannot arrive quickly enough and can't get inland quickly enough. 65 french rubble clearing specialists and sniffer dogs landed this morning. their knowledge will be invaluable but think about it, a minimum of tens of thousands of buildings are on the ground a minimum of tens of thousands of people are dead. the government is now estimating upwards of a quarter million dead people potentially. i mean relief effort looks beautiful and thank god for them but the task at hand. in addition, china, belgium, spain, three dozen countries are on the ground. bill hemmer is watching it all. what a busy spot that's been, billy. >> it has, shepard. the food and water you talk about with steve harrigan is not coming. we've been here the better part of 9 1/2 hours and this airport over the past two hours slowed down considerably. i fully expect the when we arrived at daybreak today we would see the pallets of water and food but it hasn't happened yet. i say
it it will get a full patdown before boarding any flight to the united states. laura ingle is live at newark international airport. i was in that airport last night and flying in from the cotton bowl in texas and landed in newark and had no idea what was going on. they took our plane for a couple of hours over to a holding place and when we walked into the airport, laura, you and i travel a lot for business. i have never seen a flood of people in an airport like that in all my born days. it was so cold outside that everybody who needed to be rescreened was let inside and waiting for security. you couldn't move. it was a mess. >>> definitely looked like a night. >> well, i talked so long that we lost our satellite. jinx on you. maybe we will get it right back. the thing with that last night was and we knew it at the time when we landed we went straight to fox news.com and find out, though the pilot didn't know it, fox news.com was telling us that a man had been inside security, many of you probably heard this story but the man was inside the sterile zone and walked outside and came back. peop
the united states knows pull well that there are two al-queda training camps, major ones in yemen, one in sanaway to the middle of the west of the country, the other in abyan province in the south. we know where they are. we watch them with our satellites but cannot actually launch missile strikes against them because al-queda keeps a lot of civilians around. >> we know of two al-queda camps and there's nothing we can do about them. >> we watch them every hour of every day but there are civilians. it's difficult for us to go in because of the backlash caused if we wiped out hundreds of innocent civilians in that kind of attack. that's why they keep them there. >> you happen to remember the uss cole, right. >> yes. >> and a guy who got help from yemen, presumably organized yemen to blow a plane out of our air and we can't take out their training camp. >> that's an argument a lot of people -- >> welcome to america's nightmare. >> exactly. civilian casualties. have to worry about collateral damage because of the backlash. if you go in, wipe out those training camps, all you do, if you cau
of the earthquake zone. all these flights originating in the united states and geraldo is in fort bragg and -- are you already on the plane? >> my gear is on the plane. i'm about to board with the 82nd airborne. >> shepard: what do you expect to do? what's the mission? >> their mission, as i got it from colonel chris gibson, the commander of the second brigade combat team is humanitarian assistance, disaster relief and very importantly, this is the 82nd airborne, they're going to bring calm to chaos. they're going to be cops on the ground to secure the relief distribution in a community where much like happened in new orleans during katrina, the uniform services disappeared, have gone them take care of business. many have been hurt or killed in the earthquake. so the 82nd goes to lock the place down, join forces with what's left of the the united states relief forces on the ground and try to prevent the outbreak of anarchy in a country, where in the best of times, that's -- >> self-sufficient in every way, taking everything they need? >> that's the thing about these relief efforts. peop
. the company reports it's making the move to streamline its small package division here in the united states. the economy's obviously a huge story and over at www.foxnews.com you can have your say the way things are going. the big question is president obama's $800 billion job stimulus working. check on that side of things. we'll check on the results later in this hour. the feds say he tried to kill nearly 300 passengers when he reportedly tried to blow up a detroit-bound plane on christmas day. but today the nigerian born so-called underwear bomber pleaded not guilty. six counts, attempting to use weapons of mass destruction. he tried to detonate an explosive device shortly before the plane landed. the white house stepping up airline security. he pleaded not guilty, but it's gonna be a long way here without bond, right? >> yes. currently he's cooperating with being held without bond. originally you'll remember that today was supposed to be a bond hearing. then the indictment came down yesterday, superseded all of that. but today what his defense attorney said is that they were going to conc
the united states will not send quantanamo detainees back toenen at least for now. here's what he said. >> while we remain committed to closing the facility, the determination has been made that right now any additional transfers to yemen is not a good idea. >> not a good idea. we have new facts thon in just a moment. robert gibbs said the suspect in the christmas day attack had provided useful intelligence to the fbi. exactly what that means we don't know. the suspect is 23-year-old. he's the one blamed for the bomb plot that has shaken up the entire united states intelligence community. now katherine with the look what was known before the weeks of the bombing. first senior white house correspondent major garret on the north lawn. getting detainees back to the country. this sounds like a reversal. >> as recently as fox news sunday, homeland security adviser was asked by chris wallace on a case by case basis will the white house still consider sending detainees at quantanamo back to their home country meaning yemen. his one-word answer, absolutely. today robert gibbs almost parentheti
plan for high-speed railways across the united states. as he put it, massive infrastructure problems are a number of ways to get americans back to work. >> has to be our number one priority in 2010. [ applause ] the true engines of job creation here in america are america's business. >> with one in ten americans out of a job and millions struggling to make end meet it's clear folks want results. wendell is traveling with the president in tampa. wendell, hello? >> administration officials call the $8 billion seed money for a nationwide investment in high-speed rails. it will eventually launch 13 project, including one that will link the bedroom communities in tampa with the theme parks in orlando, also link los angeles and anaheim, chicago and st. louis and improve amtrak's northeast corridor joining washington, new york and boston. it won't produce jobs fast enough for the president's critics or produce a lot of jobs this year. the president has picked up in tampa where he left off in his state of the union address last night promising to fight for working class americans an
charged case before the united states supreme court. the debate is whether the government should have power to keep convicted sex offenders behind bars after they've served their time handed down by the judge. united states verse graden come stock, served three years in prison for possession of child porn but the feds designated him as sexually dangerous before he was released from jail and they decided to keep him in a north carolina facility indefinitely for treatment. lower courts ruled that's unconstitutional. molly is live outside the courthouse. break down the government's argument. >> the federal government has the responsibility to be a back stop. people finishing prison terms but likely to perhaps commit in the future what the government calls serious sexual offenses, the government that is responsibility to take them and put them in a civil institution, like a psychiatric hospital, if the states won't and hold them indefinitely. this is allowed by a 2006 law giving the government this power. take a listen. >> it's designed to provide further care and treatment both for the b
to be in hiding. it's also where al-queda threats against the united states and british embassies in yemen are said to have originated. each embassy is back open after shutting down two days this week. medical news. a brand new study that could have a huge impact on millions of americans as well as one of the most prescribed types of drugs, antidepressants. the study finds that some commonly prescribed medications are absolutely no more effective than placebos in 70% of people diagnosed with depression. this is a significant finding no doubt when you consider 15 million americans take some sort of antidepressant about every day. and sales of the drug have doubled in the past decade hitting about $10 billion last year or 2008. the chief correspondent jonathan hunt live in the news room. they're not necessarily saying these drugs don't help at all. >> no. what they do is use a sliding scale to rate depression. anybody with a score above 24, they rated as having severe depression. in those cases, the drugs were apparently pretty effective, significant reduction in the symptoms of those people
continues to insist on bringing terrorists into the united states and providing them rights. >> the president has a lot to prove tonight. >> reporter: so do republicans and they recognize they've got to have at least some things to point to on a bipartisan basis. one thing we're begun to see is on their turf, fiscal responsibility, republicans are reaching across the aisle. john mccain is working with democrat evan bayh to deal with the deficit and fiscal responsibility and jeff sessions were bahm is working with claire mccassell on budgetary stuff. look for the republicans to say things after the speech like we're in favor of healthcare too, reform, but the president has to listen to our ideas. >> shepard: the thinking around here i guess is that there will be some more bipartisanship and i wonder what areas might we see such a transformation? >> well, probably only on such matters as the budget. the president recognizes the numbers are worrying people across the board. the poll say the economy and jobs are number one. republicans would be willing to work with democrats on
arthritis pain all day. the united states is not ready for a biological weapons attack. a assessment from a bipartisan commission on the prevention of weapons of mass destruction. the commission gave the obama administration a failing grade claiming they've not done nearly enough to defend against an attack using a deadly virus or bacteria. the commission also faults the last three administrations for similarly being slow to recognize how real t threat is and the report said if the world doesn't wake up, we could likely see some sort of biological terror attack by the end of 2013. with us, the vice chairman of the wmd commission jim talon. >> thank you. good to be with us. >> shepard: what this 2013 business? is that a random number? >> no it really isn't. we came into being as a commission in the spring of '08 and studied six months, traveled the world and interviewed the intel community and concluded the threat of the wmd attack was growing and would reach probability about 2013 and probably a bioattack. two weeks later the director of national intelligence agreed. >> what do we need to
, including the united states, the 6th fleet, missile destroyer as well as a search and rescue aircraft. mostly on the plane, lebanese, ethiopian. it's not believed americans mr. on the plane but they're checking checking checking it out. >> shepard: any idea what caused this. >> a guessing game. we're told it was very bad weather, intense thunderstorms and in fact the weather cause is looked at intensely. there was an unverified surveillance video that surfaced showing two flashes, maybe flames, come from the airplane shortly after takeoff. that could be whatever. thunderstorms or terror, sabotage, that is being ruled out though another u.s. official says they can't confirm that. mechanical problems can't be ruled out. the aircraft is a 737-800, a good safety record over the past several decades but in the last two years, there's been three crashes. >> shepard: greg, thank you. >>> it's been an all of day in baghdad. three bomb blasts targeting hotels. this as the government announces it executed chemical ali. first the blast, we're told all three explosions happened within 15 minutes
conflict between your islam i can faith and service to the united states army, yet he didn't tell -- that supervisor didn't tell anybody else. major hasan went to fort hood, got on a table and opened fire. we know the rest. >> shepard: jonathan -- i often make this mistake, jonathan hunt, thank you. nothing? i get nothing? >> you get nothing from me for that. absolutely. >>> new developments in the suspect in the november shooting spree at fort hood. according to a review by the defense department. we'll get into that. in addition, much more on what has happened with mark mcgwire. he admits he used steroids and now tells us why he's admitting it now and what it means in the bigger picture. that's coming next on "studio b." much more on the breaking news. learned mark mcgwire used steroids during his baseball campaign. especially when he broke the record. why admit it now? associated press says it was prompted by the decision to become hitting coach for the cardinals. tony has been among his biggest supporters. mcguire says, quote, i never knew when but always knew this day would c
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they cannot move about the country effectively. shepard, we saw that the united states air force was bringing in helicopters not far from the american embassy to jump them to the airport. that is the not far but it gives you a sense of how gridlocked the city is becoming. a widespread experience and the crews today said it's very different. >> shepard: i understand you looked for the remains of the haitian government. >> yes, i did. i went out to find out where is the haitian government. the haitian people want to know and people around the world wonder what they're doing. the president is over in a police substation not far from the american embassy. what is left of the government is operating out of the police substation. a member of the 82nd airborne was there. he was a surgeon setting up a meeting to get more help. they don't want to appear as if they're taking over the country, but the government is in such chaos they're having a difficult time fining people to talk to to get things moving. >> brian wilson. thank you. >> shepard: another reminder for a worthy cause. if you want to learn
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